Where can I find the trial version?

There is a fully functional trial version available for download, which will expire seven days after the first use.

Why don’t my Pages documents open in DocumentCompare?

As Apple has not opened the specifications of the Pages file format, no app other than Pages itself can open those files. DocumentCompare will open any files that TextEdit can read.

You can do one of two things to get around this:

By the way: you can easily copy an entire Pages document’s text by first using “Edit” menu > “Select All” (⌘-A) and then Copy (⌘-C). This works in many applications and may make the workaround for using DocumentCompare with Pages documents easier.

All I see is changed areas (highlighted in blue), but I know that there are deleted or inserted words in those areas. Why?

You can browse through the changes in greater detail if you select them in the “List of Changes” in the lower part of the window. Selecting a changed paragraph will highlight all deleted and inserted words within.

Alternatively, you can enable “Always show details” in the preferences. This way all details are displayed all the time, not just whenever you select the change containing the details.

Why doesn’t DocumentCompare do what I expect when I compare DNA sequences or other data?

DocumentCompare was designed for natural language use. Using it with non-human languages or code may result in unexpected results. If this is something you need in your line of work, please get in touch.

My question wasn’t answered in the FAQ

Contact me via email. I will try to help resolve any issues and answer your questions.